Stained Glass Windows

Jesus praying in the garden before his arrest and death
CRW_1484editc5l-75dpi-smallThe angel announcing to Mary she will give birth to the baby Jesus
CRW_1486editc5-75dpi-smallThe birth of Jesus in the manager
CRW_1487editc5-75dpi-smallJesus at the temple with the teachers as a youth
CRW_1488editc5-75dpi-smallJesus with the children
CRW_1489editc5-75dpi-smallJesus standing at the door and knocking and inviting people to believe
CRW_1490editc5-75dpi-smallJesus inviting people to follow him
The Last Supper (Jesus and the disciples eating their last meal together)
Jesus dying on the cross
Jesus appearing to the women after being raised from the dead
CRW_1494editc5-75dpi-smallJesus’ ascension into Heaven
CRW_1497editc5-75dpi-smallThe Bible
CRW_1498editc5-75dpi-smallThe Ten Commandments

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